What is BalaSwecha?

To introduce computer based learning at the school level for children studying in government schools and other schools for the under-privileged. Frugal innovation, using Open Hardware and Free Software technologies, will be the plank on which computer aided learning will be delivered. Specialised hardware and software (BalaSwecha) will be used for this purpose.

The primary objective of BalaSwecha is to bridge the growing digital divide in education between privileged and underprivileged in India. Schools for the underprivileged in India, for example the government schools, face a lot of problems including lack of continuous electricity, infrastructure and personnel.

What BalaSwecha has


BalaSwecha has more than 150 applications/simulaions and you can find them in an application called pencilbox where we have assigned the applications to the chapters.


In BalaSwecha we have more than 100 videos which are mapped to the State syllabus.


In BalaSwecha we have developed an application called Pencilbox where we have assigned applications/videos to each chapter in each subject. In each chapter there is a possiblity that teacher can create/delete quizes.

We are in

Find the best experiences

Swecha has a huge volunteer base across two telugu speaking states Telangana & Andhra Pradesh. For every school which equipped with BalaSwecha will be adopted by a Swecha Glug. Glug is Gnu/Linux User Group. Glug is basically formed by swecha voluteers who are studyng in engneering colleges and suported by Swecha. The Glug will visit the adopted school very frequently and clear the doubts, conducts the wrkshops for both teachers and students.


  • “BalaSwecha has been a very different experience for me and using computers i was able to understand the concepts like solar eclipse, lunar eclipse easily. K-geography also helped me learning map pointing. The science fair conducted by swecha helped me in learning about satellite communication.”


    -Anusha, Student

  • “When I volunteered for BalaSwecha, I understood the meaning of “Digital Divide” because students had no knowledge of computers. When we started teaching them they were really excited and they were able catch up quickly. And when we did a workshop for school teachers, even they didn’t know simple things about computers like how to move the cursor, how to close the application etc.. Working with them and educating them is a whole new experience for me. As an engineer I felt that the technology that we develop is reaching the masses and helping them.”


    -Sripath Roy, Swecha Volunteer

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